Tinted shades have long been a go-to accessory for making a fashion statement.  Throughout history, some of the most iconic sunglasses trends have been wayfarers, aviators, pilot frames, round-eyes, square frames, pantos, and clubmasters. Picturing these iconic frames, one could easily conclude that for fashion purposes, bigger is always better. Well, it turns out that looking good isn’t the only reason to go big or go home--big sunglasses also provide the ultimate protection to your eyes.

Big Sunglasses Protect Against UV Exposure

Most people are familiar with the idea that Ultra-Violet rays (UV rays) can cause damage to eyes, but what they aren’t  familiar with is the extent and severity of the potential damage. Consequences of being over-exposed to UV rays are long-term and severe, and every person regardless of age is at risk. 

Macular Degeneration

One of the biggest risks of UV rays is Macular Degeneration, and coincidentally is also one of the biggest causes of vision loss.  This harmful side-effect of UV exposure is caused by the deterioration of the retina.  People experience Macular Degeneration in different forms and different stages of severity.  Stages include spotty vision, blurry vision, loss of color vision, or complete loss of vision.  Currently, there is no cure for macular degeneration, making it extremely important to protect against.


Cataracts are developed when there is damaged caused to the tissues in the lens of the eye.  Commonly, cataracts are regarded as a health issue that affects older individuals, however, they can begin to develop at any age.  Some consequences of cataracts include blurry vision, sensitivity to light, or loss of color vision.  Currently, the only treatment for cataracts is a surgical procedure that works to repair the lens and restore some vision.

Skin Cancer

Nearly everyone understands that one of the major risks of being in the sun is the increased possibility of developing skin cancer.  Although many people remember to protect their skin from the sun by applying sunscreen, the delicate area around the eye is commonly forgotten.  The most common and effective treatment of skin cancer is a series of painful surgeries that allow for the removal of the cancerous cells.  These treatments are difficult to go through and are not guaranteed to completely cure the disease, which causes the disease to be fatal for many. 

How Large Frames Help

As you can see, if developed, these health conditions can seriously impede one’s lifestyle due to the lasting effects and necessary, ongoing treatments.  Therefore, safeguarding against them is extremely important.  Large sunglasses frames cover the eye completely, and additionally help to prevent additional sunlight from coming in around the edges. 


Next time you go shopping for a pair of sunglasses, go for the big frames.  You will look good, and your eyes will thank you for it.