Plastic or Metal Frames?

The Guide to Choosing Your Next Pair of Sunglasses

You've decided it's time for a new pair of shades.  Whether you are shopping online or going to the store, the process can be overwhelming.  Not only are there multiple styles to choose from, but you have to make the decision to go with metal or plastic as well. Although there are fashionable and functional choices made from both metal or plastic, the choice is based largely on your personal preference.  However, if you don't lean one way or another, here are some factors to consider to help you decide.

Style: Metal Blends In, Plastic Stands Out

The first thing to consider when you are looking for a new set of shades is the look that you want to achieve when you are wearing them.  Although sunglasses, no matter what style, always make a fashion statement, the frame makes a difference.  Some styles are made to stand out more than others, and you want to consider that when you are shopping.


Metal can be molded and shaped very easily using much less material than plastic.  Because of the minimal amount of material use and its natural color tones, metal frames blend into their background much easier than plastic frames.


On the other hand, plastic frames can be made in thicker frames and in many more sizes, shapes, and colors than metal frames.  Therefore, the rule to use is if you want to take a minimalist approach to sunglasses, choose metal; if you want to stand out, choose plastic.

Durability: Metal is Strong, Plastic Doesn’t Bend

How often will you wear your sunglasses and in what situations will you be wearing them in? These are questions to consider when you are thinking about the type of durability that you need in a sunglasses frame.


When it comes to functionality, both metal and plastic are durable products, however, they do have some differences that you should be informed on before making your final purchase.  Metal is one of the most durable materials on the planet. However, typically sunglasses frames are made of aluminum, which is durable, but can be easily bent. As a pro, metal frames can be easily adjusted to fit your face. However, if they are mistakenly bent, metal sunglasses frames can be difficult to bend back to their original form. Metal frames are a logical choice for individuals who will treat their glasses with care and store them regularly in their case when they are not in use.


Plastic is definitely durable, and cannot be bent making it a great option for those who might drop their sunglasses or frequently store them in bags or purses.  The con of plastic frames is that when they are bent, they are permanently broken.  Typically, those who choose plastic frames are those who will be using them while physically active as well as when on their typical day. 


So, when you are shopping for your sunglasses, remember these tips.  Whether you choose plastic or metal frames, you can’t go wrong if you consider the style and functionality you need to fit your lifestyle.