5 Sunglasses Styles That are Always on Trend

Sunglasses are a tried and true accessory that have been defining fashionable trends for as long as they have been around.  Although there have been some wild and wacky sunglasses trends that have come and gone, there are a select few that have stood the test of time.  If you are shopping and you pick out a pair of Wayfarers, Aviators, Browline, Pantos, or Wrap Style Frames, you can never go wrong.


If you want a style of sunglasses that you can wear no matter what your outfit is, then you want a wayfarer. The iconic wayfarer frame made its debut in the 1950s when it was manufactured by the brand Ray-Ban.  The frame is a square style frame with thicker rims, a wide nose rim, wide arms, and made of plastic. Some notable people who have worn wayfarers are Audrey Hepburn and John F. Kennedy.  These two people prove that wayfarers can be worn by men and women alike, making them the perfect sunglasses choice for almost anyone. 


Tough and timeless, the name "aviators" is very telling of the story behind this iconic style.  Originally, aviator sunglasses were fashioned for pilots to protect their eyes while flying.  Aviators were developed in 1936 and haven't lost their fashion appeal since.  This versatile style is traditionally made out of metal and features a slim, rounded-triangular shaped lens frame.  Additionally, the traditional aviator style features a reflective frame.  Much like the wayfarer, the aviator style can and has been worn by virtually everyone.


Do you want something that says smart and stylish? Then check-out the browline style of sunglasses. Browline style sunglasses are a spin-off of the wayfarer frame and were developed traditionally as a reading glasses frame in the 1940s. These stylish shades feature a square frame with a thick, plastic frame at the top, an ultra-thin, metal frame at the bottom, and a skinny arm on the sides.  Traditionally, the browline style was developed for men, but in the recent years has been worn by women as well.


If you are looking for a style of sunglasses that is unique, yet fashionably reliable, then the Pantos frame is probably for you.  This style of a rounded lens with a wide nose piece can be worn with either metal or plastic frames.   Additionally, the pantos style offers variability with some styles featuring a larger frame at the top, like the browline style. As proven by Grace Kelly and Johnny Depp, pantos style sunglasses can be worn by both men and women.


Practical and perfect, the wrap style frame is worn by both men and women who are active and stylish.  Wrap style glasses are largely made out of a heavy-duty plastic and have shield-shaped lenses with frames that either wrap the entire lens, or just the top.  Made famous by brands like Oakley, wrap-style sunglasses are popular for outdoor enthusiasts such as boaters and skiers because they protect from the elements.  This style, although it is not typically seen on the runway is timeless because of its reliability and function.  Wrap style sunglasses are designed for unisex wear or in men's and women's styles.


When you are looking for a style that’s right for you, with one of these timeless choices, you can’t go wrong.